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Rubber Band

Finding an answer to the “How do I live a happier life” has become one of my life goals. It is a complex question because the subject and object of research is the same person. We are not static, and so we have to look for and repair things in ourselves as we go. Recently, I’ve fixed one thing that was bothering me all the time, and I would like to share my experience with you.

The idea of using a rubber band is to strap one around your wrist and slap yourself every time you need to avoid certain thoughts or feelings. Well, it sounds weird, but it does work. As I see it, the idea is to create a pain-triggered neural path which distracts you from whatever you want to get rid of. After a while, you will learn to perform the action without a rubber band, solely by the power of your thought.

For example, this method helped me to eliminate the negative emotions I felt about myself when I realized I did something wrong or didn’t do the right thing. Every time I had experienced the growing anger and willingness to yell at myself, I pulled away the band and quickly released it. Slap! Oh my, it really did hurt. But more importantly, I was getting distracted from the emotions and almost immediately acquiring the bird’s-eye view at the whole situation. With some time it actually helped me to understand that the frustration and disappointment were not mine, but rather projected and remembered from the past.

And speaking of now, I feel that I become more supportive and caring about myself. Isn’t it a wonderful and relieving?

I’ve heard this method is also used by people across the Internet to overcome stress, fear and other loosely controllable conditions. Although I wish you have no need in it ever, I hope it will be helpful if anything happens.

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