Usually I never forget to take my smart phone when leaving home, but it's happened to me three or four times during the last month. To be honest, I did not feel great about it. I was worried, agitated, and experienced confusion and some kind of irrational fear.

I do realize that this is not OK; that's why I decided to spend a couple of weeks with just a feature phone and not my iPhone. Although I suppose it will be tough at first, I believe it will help me to become happier and make my days more fulfilling.

I'm going to start the streak tomorrow and write another note about the results. And now, please meet this Nokia 1280 guy! 😸

Nokia 1280

November, 26th. I've filed an MNP request to MegaFon operator. I've already got a new SIM card, but it will be activated on the 6th of December. Meanwhile, I expect to receive a call from my current service provider to confirm the transfer. While I keep using my smartphone, I've noticed that social network and instant messengers seem to distract me less than before. Nevertheless, I'm still following my plan despite that tempting myriad of cat videos...