Haven't been writing anything for a while. I'm not sure if it's me, or everyone experiences these fluctuations of their productivity. I've just escaped from a fall, and I hope the next rise will be steep and last long!

They sometimes ask me how do I learn English. The thing is that I haven't been learning English intentionally. Instead, I just used work and study related websites in English on daily basis for a few years and also watched several series on Netflix. One day I took a formal test of English, and I've been trying to make my "naturally occurred" knowledge perform better. But as you can imagine, it didn't work so well without a solid theoretical sort of foundation.

Once it dawned on me that making my last accidental W8.0 a persistent score should be the top priority, I had decided to attend some classes to improve my writing. Luckily, one of IELTS Exam Prep participants has suggested a writing course by University of California in Irvine, which is a part of Academic English specialization. I'm on the 3rd week of Grammar and Punctuation course, and I feel that I'm getting new tools to express my thoughts and proofread what I write.

Well, the bottom line is that I do enjoy this study, and hope it will help me achieve better results on the next test session. Although I'm in not even close to the middle of the specialization, I would highly recommend it to everyone who (just like me) wants to work on their English muscles a bit.