It's been a while since I have been on vacation last time, and I'm looking forward to experiencing the next one, that is going to start tomorrow.

This holiday is going to be special because it will be the first time I will celebrate my birthday outside of Russia. My wife and I will travel across several cities in Italy, starting from Treviso, then moving to Venice, Florence and finally Pisa. When I was a teenager I have been going through a bit of Italy time, and now I'm going to visit the wonderful country and see all the cities with my own eyes.

Well, not only eyes, but also through a viewfinder of a camera. This time I'm thinking of using both 35-70/4 and 50/1.8 Zuiko lenses. A couple of months ago when I've been to Turkey, I was missing the latter lens due to its lower f-number. I would also like to take Moscow-2 medium format camera, with a bunch of FOMAPAN classic black and white films.

Speaking of color negatives, I'd like every city to be looking slightly different. For this purpose, I'm taking different film stock with me: Kodak ColorPlus 200 and Fujifilm C200. I wish I could take Kodak Portra or Ektar, but they appear too expensive for me at the moment. Besides, I've always been into grainy images and it's an integral part of the film thing for me.

I'm not sure if I'll be able or willing to write during the next two weeks, but I will definitely publish some photographs after returning to Moscow.