Well, just like every other amateur film photographer I must have tried either Holga or Diana camera. The one I got my hands on is Holga 120 CFN, a medium format camera almost entirely made of plastic. With an “Optical Lens”.

All the photos are taken onto Lomography 400 Film.
I used a 6×4.5 frame, but the camera can also produce square 6×6 pictures.

Holga doesn't have a rangefinder, instead, there are distance notches on the body of the optical lens. Damn, I do like the “optical lens” thing, it makes this camera feel so much more than it actually is 🤣

The particular CFN version that I own has a built-in flash with 4 color filters: red, blue, yellow and... transparent. It comes in handy indoors and may be used to give your photos a lomo touch.

To conclude, this camera will make at least half of your photos blurry, over- and underexposed, add glares and all — but hey, don't we all ❤️ lomography for this?