This article is a part of series of IELTS essays written purely for educational purposes. What I mean is that opinions discussed here may not reflect my own views.

More and more people are using a lot of online language translation apps. Are there more advantages or more disadvantages of such services?

Machine translation services are becoming more popular among Internet users. This essay will discuss that despite certain imperfections in computer algorithms, online translation solutions are widely used for language learning and informal communications.

As of 2019, computers are still unable to understand the meaning of texts being translated. Although modern language translation software is often enhanced with artificial intelligence algorithms, it sometimes fails to accurately represent the original  ideas behind complex dialogs or descriptions. It happens because input text is analyzed statistically and processed as an array of data. This results in more simple and frequently occurring sentences translated better than others. This makes machine translation tools unsuitable for certain uses, for example in such areas as medicine or law.

On the other side, online apps featuring language translation are extremely convenient for language learners and people who travel abroad. The majority of web services offer many additional features, such as text-to-speech conversions, speech recognition. On top of all that, integrated dictionaries and automatic transcription utilities make learning and communication easier and efficient. As I know, many foreign language teachers actually recommend using Google Translate website while learning a language, because it makes the process more effective if used wisely. Online translation services are often come integrated into other software, for example, Airbnb or TripAdvisor, and allow people speaking different languages to communicate with each other.

To conclude, all the wide range of features and ease of use that comprise the advantages of using online translation applications, outnumber the currently existing disadvantages of computer-based translation software.