Since the fucking war started, I was unable to pay for and publish on I tried Publii as an alternative, but unfortunately, it is not that convenient.

April 1 — Fool's Day

In Russia, April 1st is known as “Day of Laughter”, and it’s not all pranks and hoaxes. We appreciate happiness and joy, as they make us whole.

I wish we all would learn to have a good laugh instead of hating one another.

Photograph of a building in Moscow with a painted-over “No War” graffiti

April 3 — Second Winter

The weather outside pretty much reflects my emotional state.

Remembering, I used to choose the loneliest paths on my way home after long working hours. There is nothing but a soft, calming instrumental FM broadcast, the only thing connecting you to the world.

Lo-Fi picture of a winter city street at night

April 30 — Meaningless

Of course, I did it again. Who can resist buying a .website domain just for $0.69?

At times, we focus so much that our universe narrows to a limited set of priorities, goals, people, and things. While this can be productive, it really is a shame to neglect the diversity of the world around us.

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A windshield view of the highway
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