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Shopping has become a favourite past time for many young people. Why is that the case? Should they be encouraged to utilise their free time in a better way?

It is a fact that many adolescents prefer shopping for other hobbies. This essay suggests that dopamine addiction is the reason behind this, and people should be informed about other ways to spend their spare time.

People willingly buy material things because it makes them happier. Dopamine is one of the hormones responsible for the comforting feeling. It is produced by mammals' brains in response to new possessions that are of help in the survival of the species. Today, we humans tend to treat purchases as such an advantage, that is why for some of us shopping becomes a favorite hobby. For example, I used to spend hours buying all kinds of stationery without actual need. Now I realize that I feel into the trap of the misjudgment regarding the purchases.

Apparently, in cases like this, it would be a great idea to encourage people to utilize the time in more productive ways. But more importantly, people should be informed about other ways to reach fulfillment. It is better to address the cause of an issue than its consequences, isn't it? Several kinds of hobbies have been suggested by the Moscow Institute of Psychology as the most satisfying and universal. This list includes oil painting, playing musical instruments and various handcrafting activities, such as crochet and knitting.

To conclude, shopping as a hobby might be caused by biological mechanisms, and should be overcome by providing more constructive alternatives.